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Honda Tadakatsu by SeiyonoRyuu Honda Tadakatsu by SeiyonoRyuu
i don't paint much, so forgive the quality please :)

this is my second favourite samurai, Honda Tadakatsu
Tadakatsu was the best general of shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, and he fough in over 100 battles without so much as a scratch. i dont mean he commanded from a horse, no. he was fighting on the front lines. Musashi can fuck off and die. 60 duels? please, try 100 /battles/ in the middle of a melee. this dude was batshit insane and completely unbelievable.

at one point the Tokugawa army was lured away from their castle (left to Tadakatsu to defend), in a ploy by the enemy to weaken its defenses. Honda personally rode /out/ of the castle with the tiny garrison, and challenged the enemy to a fight on the field. him. vs the /entire goddamned army/. he was handing them what they wanted. they decided to turn around and look for Tokugawa instead. free castle by defeating Honda? or just give up and face the main army?

THE SPEAR IN CASE YOUR'E WONDERING; his spear, tonbogiri (dragonfly cutter) was said to be so sharp that when a dragonfly landed on it it was immediately cut in half. (this is, of course, hyperbole.)
SnowyIllusions Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Wow this is really good C: I like how much you wrote about him, too
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